Virgin Coconut oil is far superior then the refined oil.

Coconut Oil is divided into two categories;

  • Virgin Oil
  • Refined, deodorised and bleached

What sets each oil apart, is related to how much processing has been involved during extraction.

True Virgin Coconut Oil has many benefits,

This is the oil that is found in its most natural form, which is taken from the flesh of the coconut, or the meat as it is often referred to.

This meat is then wet milled and dry pressed.

This gentle form of extraction, means that all of the important natural Phytochemicals remain intact.

No method of artificial filtering or expeller pressing is used, so the oil retains its lovely rich smell and sweet taste.

Poor Manufacturing Practices

Sadly there are many unscrupulous manufacturers, who sell the refined oil as Virgin Coconut Oil, just to make a quick buck.

They use the cheapest refined coconut oil possible and run it through the centrifuge machines.

This cleans up the oil, which enables them to falsely sell it as Virgin Coconut Oil.

Centrifuge extraction literally strips the oils of its smell and flavour, creating a thick oil that is rich in trans fats.

Basically it is a redundant oil, one that has no valuable properties,

Unlike Virgin Coconut Oil, it is not readily absorbed into the skin and can potentially clog pores, it is literally a case of buyer beware, you have to become a true label detective before purchasing this ingredient!

There are a number of coconut oil benefits, lets dive right in and have a look.

Coconut Oil Benefits 

  • Extraction of Virgin Coconut oil means extraction occurs through physical means, whilst refined oil is extracted through mechanical means
  • Virgin Coconut oil benefits are numerous, it contains 7 times more polyphenols than regular coconut oil, in the form of Ferulic Acid and P-coumaric
  • P-courmaric is a great anti inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Ferulic Acid has great antioxidant properties, it is far more powerful than vitamin E. It also helps to reduce age spots and reduce inflammation in the epidermis

The Naked Truth

So how do you recognise Virgin Coconut Oil?

A big give away is the smell, basically a ‘true’ oil, will retain its lovely fragrance for many months.

You can test to see whether you have a good quality virgin coconut oil, because it will readily melt upon contact with the skin.

If it remains solid, then you know you have a thick inferior oil.


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