Bags under the eyes, are difficult to get rid of

Good health is reflected in the eyes, as it is in the skin,

So it is important that we look after this very delicate area.

Most of us at some point have suffered from puffy eyes, especially when we wake up.

The reason this occurs, is that the area under the eyes easily retains fluid, which accumulates under the eyes during the night.

Here at The Naked Chemist, we have found it to be a common concern of many of our customers.

For the purpose of this article, we look at some of the reason that people suffer from bags under eyes.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

  • Bags and dark circles under eyes can be caused by a build up of fluid retention, resulting in the area under the eye becoming puffy
  • Because the skin is so thin around the eyes, any excess fat creates a bulging effect, which is due to ligaments that support the fat pads under the eyes
  • Sometimes bags under the eyes can be a result of genetics, or fat deposits on the lower eye lids. As discussed above, ligaments weaken with age, causing the fat to slip and bulge forward
  • Sinus congestion can be a major cause of eye bags, if you suffer from blocked sinuses, it is advisable to seek medical advice
  • Over the years the skin around the eyes starts to stretch, our skin naturally loses its elasticity. This can be caused by years of wear and tear such as rubbing, removing makeup and wiping. The skin then becomes loose, which can cause the contours around our eyes to drop. It becomes loose and the pouch of fat under the eyes start to balloon

It has to be said, that under eye bags are extremely difficult to treat,

If you are concerned, join us here tomorrow when we look at how to get rid of bags under the eyes, both naturally and medically.