Your skin is a truly amazing organ.

  • It’s your armour.
  • Your protection.
  • Your genetic heritage.

Therefore you need to preserve it and take care of it.

Just think about all of the external elements, your body comes into contact with on a daily basis.

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Make up
  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution
  • The weather
  • Ultra violet light
  • Environmental assaults
  • Changes in temperature

Your skin protects you from invading assaults, acting as a barrier to the outside world.

It also makes a pigment known as melanin, a chemical that protects against damaging ultraviolet light.


Below are just a few of the functions, that your awesome skin carries out on a daily basis:

  • Its a detoxification organ
  • It protects your inner organs
  • It moderates your core temperature
  • It synthesis Vitamin D from the sun
  • It helps to excrete toxins through sweat
  • It helps to keep chronic conditions and infections at bay
  • Your skin helps to shut out invading bacteria and viruses
  • It is your bodies first line of defence against external aggressors
  • Human skin contains lipids or oils, that keep it naturally moisturised
  • It constantly keeps tabs on what is going on inside your internal environment
  • It intelligently responds to what you eat, what you put on it and what you drink
  • It maintains it’s integrity, by constantly repairing itself while you are sleeping
  • It tans and creates melanin, to protect you from damaging UV rays and photoaging
  • It’s so absorbent you can apply medical patches, that help topical drugs go to the source
  • It is a mirror to the outside world, letting you know of any imbalances within the body
  • It cleverly plays a dual role, it has a semi permeable membrane that traps in water and keeps it hydrated, whilst also allowing water to evaporate when you sweat
  • It contains cells that are fantastic communication systems, telegraphing health and illness, pleasure or pain

So I think you’ll agree when I say, your skin really is amazing.



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