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Skin is beautiful at any age

However our skin starts to change as we reach our 50’s.

The breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, causes our internal scaffolding to become shaky,

Which can lead to dreaded lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet and  jowls.

As if that isn’t enough, if you haven’t been following safe sun practises, to much sun exposure can appear as sensitivity, inflammation, broken capillaries and thick, crepe skin, making the skin ruddy and unsightly.

At this age, avid sun worshippers will be familiar with an uneven skin tone and pigmentation, especially on the face, hands and neck.

Obviously, all of these skin conditions can make us feel really self conscious,

Skincare Tips

Its time to step up your skin care regime at this age ladies.

So here’s a run down of skincare tips, that are designed to make your skin glow.

  • Try to choose products that avoid chemical nasties
  • Use cosmeceuticals with advanced active ingredients
  • Treat your skin all day long, with time released products
  • Ensure you use a good UVA and UVB sun protector on your face
  • Hydration is key, so drink plenty of water to keep skin healthy
  • Use well formulated products with humectants, which will help  to improve hydration
  • Avoid what we call lipid dry skin, which is caused by the reduction of sebaceous oil, which means your skin loses its ability to hold the oil that keeps your skin soft and supple
  • Lasers may also be your new best friend, helping to tighten skin tissue and remove unsightly blemishes or pigmentation

The Naked Truth

Now more than ever, you need to have a good anti ageing skin care regime in place, that will help you maintain a healthy, youthful looking skin.

Follow the link to find a glossary of articles on anti ageing tips.

If you do have a specific question about ageing skin, please do email us, as your skin care specialist.

We will be able to advise you of the best anti ageing regime to follow, and treatments that may target any specific concerns you have.

We may even be able to formulate a specific treatment formula for you, that will address your specific skin concerns.




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