Eczema Skin Condition Treatment as a ConceptSkin irritation.

Embarrassing flare ups, or itchy flaky, skin.

Does that sound like you?

Then the best advice I can give you, is to approach your skin care routine, as if you were carrying out an elimination diet.

Because your skin abides by the same principle.

After all it is the LARGEST ORGAN on the body.

So don’t be tempted, to approach your skin care routine like a kid in a candy store, otherwise you may just pay the price for over indulgence.

Because many skin care products are loaded with actives, extracts, essential oils and fragrances, all of which are known allergens and irritants.

Topical Cortisones

Topical cortisones are often recommended to treat skin sensitivity and whilst these cortisones will offer you immediate relief, the repeated application of steroids, can really thin out the skin.

Long term, this can result in a weakening of the epidermis the outer layer of skin.

Treating Skin Irritations

Give your skin a mini detox and use only natural and organic formulations, to sooth and calm the skin preventing skin irritation and avoid the use of the following actives:

The cellular turnover cycle of the skin takes around 4 to 6 weeks, so scale back your routine, in order to bring your skin back into balance.

Then gradually re-introduce your skin care products, one at a time, this will help to eliminate potential skin irritants.


In a bid to treat skin irritation and diffuse signs of redness, it is natural, to want to keep trying out different skin care products.

But as discussed, the key is to use less stimulating ingredients.

That is until you have managed to restore the acid mantle, and repair the skins protective barrier.





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