You have to be meticulous about sanitization

Are you thinking about getting creative?

Having a go at making some of your own home made creations.

Then you will need to think about the shelf life of your products, and how you can prevent cross contamination.

The good news is that it is easily manageable with good personal hygiene practises,

In this article we will show you how…..

Lotions with perishable ingredients, such as fruit and milk are what bacteria thrive on!

They  are much more likely to spoil and the shelf life will be very limited.

Personal Hygiene Practises

First you need to ensure that your work area is completely tidy,

Next make sure your personal hygiene is of a high standard, sanitize everything thoroughly, with isopropyl alcohol or meths, including your work tops and drainer.

Hopefully you will of thought about the types of bottles you are going to use for your creations,

We advise spraying the interior of your bottles with alcohol, ensuring you cover the inside.

Alternatively you can put the bottles in alcohol and remove them after a couple of minutes,

The same can be done for the bottle tops in a separate container.

Once you have washed your bottles and lids, thoroughly drain away any excess,

Then set the bottle upside down on the drainer, giving the alcohol time to fully evaporate.

Personal hygiene practises also includes your tools, so be sure to sanitize them.

Wash in hot soapy water and thoroughly rinse and allow to dry, then spray them with alcohol.

It’s a good idea to sterilize your bottles and equipment the night before,

You can do it in advance which is fine. you just need to ensure they are sealed away tightly in a clean plastic bag, and that your tools can be wrapped in cling film.

Sanitizing Equipment

  • Spray bottle
  • 2 x Containers for sanitizing bottles and caps
  • Stainless steel dish drainer
  • Bottle tree
  • Alcohol at least 70%
  • Rubber gloves optional
  • Sanitize all work tops, drainer, bottles
  • Clean lab coat
  • Hair net
  • Goggles optional for preservatives and fragrance

Now that you have got your perosnal hygiene practises in place you can now begin, happy formulating x

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