Rosemary essential oil has wonderful properties

Rosemary essential oil, is a powerful healing herb.

Ursolic Acid is a key component of Rosemary, that is often used in skin care creams.

It is an extremely biological compound, that is found in the waxy covering of Apples, Lavender, Sage, and Basil.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Properties and Uses

A ground breaking study testing different Rosemary extracts, found that Ursolic Acid, can actually redirect our skin’s cells to make more Lipids.

These were not just any Lipids but Ceramides, an important component in our skins tissues, that are responsible for improving the skins texture and maintaining a healthy, youthful glow.

The same study was carried out on a controlled clinical study of volunteers.

They were amazed to find, that skin treated with Ursolic Acid was instantly rejuvenated and had the following positive results on the skin:

Relieves dry skin conditions: Ursolic Acid increases the production of Ceramides in the skin’s tissues.

Anti-Ageing: Ceramides are often found in high concentrations in a youthful skin, but as we age these levels reduce quite significantly.

Ursolic acid promotes these Ceramides and Collagen helping to fight premature ageing.

Anti inflammatory: Ursolic Acid contains Pentacyclic Triterpenes, which is what actually gives Frankincense and Liquorice Root (glycyrrhizin), their skin soothing properties.

Increases skin collagen content: Ursolic Acid also helps to increase Collagen in the skin, by encouraging the production of fibroblast cells, in the skins lower layers, the dermis.

These are the  cells responsible for creating collagen and elastin; they are essentially our internal scaffolding.

The Naked Truth

Claims that Rosemary essential oil or it’s extract is in a product, is not the same as using a potent and purified form of Ursolic Acid, which is derived from Rosemary.

When using Ursolic Acid in our products, we state it in our inci list,

Proving that we are number 1 for transparency in beauty.