pH Acid Mantle Complex


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This unique formula was created with one goal in mind.

To form a foundation of skin health and rebuild a thin, fragile skin, that’s a result of an impaired acid mantle.

Copper peptides are clever molecules that actively rebuild the tolerance of the acid mantle, greatly easing the discomfort of a reactive skin, whilst calming inflammation, breakouts and acne.

Skin Conditions: Sensitivity, Redness, Inflammation, Ageing, Breakouts, Acne

The right pH balance is extremely important for skin health, a normal skin is somewhat acidic falling into the pH range of 4.2 to 5.6 and this acidity inhibits the growth of foreign bacteria and fungi.

If the pH is out of balance, your skin will be prone to inflammation, breakouts and infection.

Copper peptides, copper ions & peptide proteins, are naturally found in our skin, but they get used up and not replaced as we age; they are important molecules that keep the skins pH level in the acidic range whilst forming a protective film over the skin, rendering it less vulnerable to attack from bacteria and irritants.

I created pH acid mantle complex as a replenishing treatment, and the results have been really exciting, with many clients seeing many visible improvements in fine lines and elasticity, and a reduction in imperfections, such as blotchiness and superficial scarring.

The great news is, you can now begin to address skin concerns today, with our customised multi layered approach, in order to amplify their healing benefits.

  • Savior addresses skin at a cellular level, helping to reverse the triggers associated with sensitivity
  • Fortify is the antidote to frustrating flare ups, which can be a result of a damaged barrier
  • Naturlene is a natural alternative to vaseline formulated with a healing blend of organic herbs and tinctures, to repair skin at a cellular level


  • See visible results in 30 days
  • Interrupts inflammatory triggers
  • Re-balances an impaired acid mantle
  • Minimises capillaries, redness and rosacea skin
  • Reduces appearance of acne inflammation and scars
  • Helps with superficial signs of ageing such as fine lines

Mindfulness: The practice of mindfulness begins in the small, remote cave of your unconscious mind, blossoming with the sunlight of your conscious life, radiating outward as a positive attitude and healthy, glowing skin.

Aqua (water), Copper peptides, Salicylic acid, Allantoin, Vitamin E










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