The Naked Chemist collection is so much more than just a skincare range, it’s about achieving optimum skin health.

Each formula has been meticulously created, as a direct result of clients skin concerns i see in my clinic.
Every product is hand crafted with skin identical ingredients that are missing, combined with modern scientific research into how ingredients interact with our skin.

So join us as we transform ordinary rituals into the extraordinary. with expert advise and natural skincare.


Customised solutions for your skin


Transparency in Beauty

Barrier Function, your skins security guard

Ever spilt lemon juice on a cut? Then you'll agree with me, when I say it hurts like hell. When acidic juice hits that nerve ending, you sure do know about it. Well this should give you some idea of how your barrier functions. When your skin is chapped and flaky it's...

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Dry Brushing, a very powerful elimination tool

Did you know your body is capable of losing 1lb of toxins a day And body brushing will go a long way in assisting this process Buffing your skin into submission with a hard bristled brush? I mean seriously, sounds like something you'd do to my little pony, not to your...

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Sensitive Skin Care Experts


Creating natural skin identical products, designed to bring your skin back into a state of balance and harmony.


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Transform ordinary rituals

into the extrodinary, with beautiful skincare and expert advise.

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