Does your skin need a wake up call?

Does it often feel dry and flaky?

Then it is my belief that you will love my barrier repair cream.

It’s a wonderfully advanced moisture complex, designed for a lipid dry skin type.

Packed full of omega 3.6and 6, ceramides, phyto nutrients and beneficial bacteria, intelligent ingredients designed to replenish the skin with ingredients that are missing and balance the natural moisture barrier.

Key Ingredients

Dry skin requires constant nourishment, in order for it to stay young and healthy and this moisturizer delivers every time,

It contains a high potency blend of Super-foods, Antioxidant and Vitamins that literally saturate the skin, offering instant hydration.

Sweet Almond Oil provides deep nourishment, creating unparalleled smoothness,

Pure Aloe Vera for instant hydration,

Nourishing Shea moisturizes and smoothes out the rough bits!

Antioxidant rich Rosemary and Vitamin E, set to work to neutralise free radicals, helping to restore skin back to a youthful healthy glow.

For the ultimate in hydration, the cleanser from the Nourishingly Naked Range, makes the perfect choice for dry parched skin.

What we also love about this moisturizing cream, is that it can double-up as a five minute face mask, giving your skin that extra nourishment.

Specifically formulated to:

– Improves cellular turnover –
– improve skin’s texture and tone –
– Keeps skin hydrated –
– Helps to restore the skins barrier function –


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