Transforming skin is what I do
It’s my passion, my calling, it’s what I was supposed to do.

Hello I’m wishing you a warm welcome to my skincare website.

Here you will find out about the reason behind my brand and blog.

Which will hopefully inspire you, on your journey to skin health.

I’ve put together this little Q and A, for those readers and clients, who wanted to understand my philosophy in greater detail.

What is the central message behind your skincare?

The Naked Chemist philosophy is one of integrity and skin health, it’s as simple as that.

I want to help people truly make a difference to their skin.

Transparency in beauty will always be at the core of my brand, especially in an industry that can be so full of hype, which often frustrates me.

Why are you so passionate about skin health?

This stems from my own challenges with my skin, because I grew up with psoriasis.

I began researching topical and internal ingredients, and after seeing saw the power of natural ingredients that helped heal my skin, I embarked on a career in the skincare industry.

For me it was a very natural progression, one where I knew I could be in a position to help as many people with their own skin concerns.

Because I understand first hand, what it is like to be uncomfortable in my own skin, and I know what is like for other people to be uncomfortable, starting my own skincare line was a natural progression.

My passion is a return to skin health, and being able to make a long term visible differences in peoples skin. for me there is nothing more rewarding.

How did you get into formulating skincare?

I’ve been formulating from a very young age, so you could say it was my calling.

My parents would buy me chemistry sets as a child, where I would make crude rose waters and formulas really badly!

Even back then at the age of six, I can remember getting really frustrated, because my flower waters and crude clay mixes would always go off after a few days.

Of course I had no conception of preservatives, but even all those years ago, it’s where my journey really began. which is why I say it’s my calling, my reason for being.

Whats inspires you?

Nature, I had an idyllic childhood growing up in rural Shropshire, and it was there my passion for nature began.

This journey now continues here in New Zealand, I live in a beautiful rain forest known as the fringe of heaven, so I can’t fail to be inspired.

Having so much natural beauty on my door step, my skincare range had to come from a place of being deeply committed to nature and a light, environmental footprint.

I am also truly grateful to my parents especially my late father, who loved nature and animals.

Why is customisation so important for you?

Working in the industry I am frustrated by commercial brands that have this “one skin care product fits all approach”,

We are all metabolically different, which is why my skin care line, is focused on looking at skin individually, targeting their specific skin types and concerns.

You have a clinic, what is your approach to your treatments?

The essence behind the treatments, like my products is to treat everyone individually, with a customised approach.

Using active products and treatments that individually target concerns specific to that client.

What is so great about the clinic, is that I am able to take these really incredible results driven treatments, and bottle them to reach a larger audience, and turn them into at home treatments.

This has been my whole goal 

I wanted to take the concept beyond the beauty clinic and combine it with everything I learnt in the skincare industry, in my clinic, and from the use of topical and internal ingredients.

To create a skincare range that has the power to change skin on a cellular level, without causing inflammation, which is at the route of premature ageing.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes two, the first is the late Horst Rechelbacher from Aveda.

My article natural beauty pays homage to this inspiring man,  and his obvious passion in natural skin care.

Tony Robbins the motivational speaker is another mentor from afar, he does so much charity work for the homeless and in opinion is a modern day angel.

You love writing about skin, why is this so important?

Transparency in beauty is central to my message, my blog is my chance to give back, to reach a larger audience and contribute in some small way.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then someone reaching out about their skin concerns, and then being able to help them find a solution to their skincare problem.

What is your vision for the future?

My vision today is still the same as it was when I first entered the industry.

To create a range of products that people know they can trust, and use with confidence.

Ultimately helping as many people as possible, to achieve optimum skin health.


Transforming skin is truly my passion.

To watch peoples life transform and change because of their skin, is what keeps me going.

It’s the very essence of my brand, and at the very core of what I do.

Yours in skin health.

Samantha@The Naked Chemist x

This site is dedicated to my late father, who loved all things in nature and taught me what it truly means to be nurtured by nature and for that I am forever grateful!

I will always miss you…x

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