Do you suffer from thirsty dry skin?

Does it get irritated easily and flaky often?

Well chances are your skin could be depleted of lipids, but what is that I hear you say, lipids is not a word we come across everyday, how can they make my skin dry out…

Join me, as I answer these questions and more and dive into the wonderful world of lipids…

Structure of lipid Ingredients

Your skin is protected by important compounds known as lipids, theywork like bricks and mortar, inter-cellular cement that fill gaps between the skin cells.

Their role is purely protective, helping to prevent water from escaping from the skin’s tissues, keeping it plump and hydrated.

Lets look at the lipids found in your skin:

50% ceramides: These help to maintain the water permeability of the barrier function
25% cholesterol: These keep our skin soft and supple
10% fatty acids: Helping to maintain a healthy skin

Now were sure, we don’t need to tell you that your skin faces many significant challenges on a daily basis….

  • Heating
  • Pollution
  • Make up
  • Air conditioning
  • Astringent products
  • Damaging UV rays

These are just some of the things that can upset the delicate balance of these lipids, this causes a whole host of problems in the skin, including inflammation, dehydration and dry skin problems.

How can we treat our skin if these lipids get out of balance?

What we tell our customers, is that you need to be sure you are using effective ingredients.

Skin creams that contain the right type of lipids, that fill the inter-cellular gaps and stay put on the area of the skin, they are required for.

Are some skin care products more effective then others?

The simple answer is yes,

However, in order to understand how lipids are introduced into the skin, we are going to have to get a bit technical!

Most skincare creams are formulated with emulsifiers, the problem is, emulsifiers actually cancel out the positive effects of these important lipids. They can have completely the adverse effect, literally drawing lipids away from the skin.

Fortunately here at The Naked Chemist, we have found that you can create an emulsion with hardly any emulsifiers,

This we do by by using emulsifying thickeners in our formulas.

So if you have dry skin, our formulas will help you to get the best results from your cream, by delivering the all important lipids to where your skin needs it most.




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