Did you know OXIDATIVE STRESS can dramatically effect how our skin ages.

Research is showing that long term disease is related to the immune system, which in effect turns in on itself, creating a cycle of destruction in the body:

  • Cells become disordered and aggressive
  • Mutant rogue cells turn in on themselves
  • The rogue cells begin to attack the body
  • This causes inflammation and irritation

Oxidative stress also contributes to ageing in the skin, as well as creating some of the major causes of degenerative disease, including cancer, dementia and arthritis.

Oxidative Stress and Ageing

Two physicians working on the effects of anti ageing treatments and free radical biochemistry, came up with the following conclusions:

“The field of free radical biochemistry is as revolutionary and profound in its implications for medicine, as was the germ theory and science of microbiology, which led to the development of effective treatments for infectious disease”.

The view that OXIDATIVE STRESS and FREE RADICAL DAMAGE is a major cause of degeneration and disease, means we have to begin to look at ourselves on a much deeper level, especially if we want healthy cells and to slow down the ageing process.

We really do need to start taking responsibility for our body and take a long hard look at our life style choices.

We need to get back to basics, address our eating, drinking and recreational habits and really start thinking on a minuscule level, because ultimately everything we do will eventually manifest itself on a macro level.

So how do we stop oxidative stress in the body?
My approach as an aesthetician, is to look at the body holistically,

I always carry out a thorough consultation which includes diet and lifestyle, I can then put together a personalised program that centres around skin care, diet, supplements and exercise.

I find this approach to skin care, helps many to find balance and harmony within their life, this I believe is the best anti ageing skin care treatment available, and the corner stone of good health.

I like to educate my clients to make a change, to teach them how to be kind to themselves and how to take really good care of their skin.

After all if you consider the atom, it’s the little things that count. x

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