Do you use organic shampoo?organic shampoo

Then you could be forgiven, for believing the ingredients really do what they say on the bottle.

The very thought of washing your hair in natural suds is a delight,

Yet sadly when it comes to your personal hair products, the use of the word shampoo is actually a bit of misnomer and here’s why….

What is the real deal with organic shampoo?

Unfortunately many shampoo brands that are labelled organic, contain ingredients that are synthetically produced.

Petrochemicals, detergents and emollients, such as Cetyl alcohol and Stearates, are just some of the ingredients found in shampoo brands, that call themselves Organic.

Alarmingly, there has been such an influx of companies trying to mislead consumers,

So much so that the organic Consumers Agency, has felt it necessary to go on record to say the following:

When it comes to organic shampoos and soaps, anything that says it is “organic” almost certainly is not.

Organic Shampoo

So why is there such a problem defining the term organic in shampoo?

In food, the water percentage is not allowed to be included in calculating the percent of certified organics present in the product.

Yet surprisingly, this does not hold true when it comes to your shampoo.

Many organic shampoo brands, add a large amount of floral herbal waters and essential oils to their products.

It is the smaller percentages of ingredients such as Vitamins, Extracts and Antioxidants, that are at the root of the problem.

It is not difficult for unscrupulous companies to replace organic herbs they originally use, with herbs that aren’t organic, and then claim their product to be organic.

This is something the Soil Association is currently trying to address.

The Naked Truth

So what exactly is the answer, what do you look out for when thinking about purchasing a certified organic shampoo?

Unfortunately until governing bodies can agree on stricter guidelines, it really must come down to the consumer being a savvy buyer.

A tip to look out for, is that Organic Natural shampoo tends to have low suds, or may even be completely lather free.

Although these formulas may not create mountains of suds, in the way that a traditional salon product does,

Dry shampoo will clean just and the really great thing about them of course, is that they are much healthier for you and the environment. x

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