I love essential oils.essential oils

The creation of The Naked Chemist, was in part partly due to my love of Aromatherapy.

Qualified as a clinical Aromatherapist, I am extremely passionate about the art of using essential oils.

It never ceases to amaze me, how tiny plants can create such wonderful precious oils,

They have a real affinity with the human body, I love how powerful Aromatherapy is for our well being.

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Properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly volatile compounds, they are extracted from the roots, leaves, woods, petals and resins of botanical flowers, fruits and trees.

The most common form of extraction of these oils is steam distillation, expression is a specific method that is also used, for extracting citrus oils.

Delicate materials such as Jasmine and Rose Absolute, are extracted by way of a solvent or CO2 extraction.

This is due to the fact, that these delicate oils can be very volatile and easily damaged by heat.

It is important to note, that these Essential Oils are very concentrated, using them neat or in high quantities, can actually   irritate the skin.

As I always say, just because something is natural, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe!

Essential oils aren’t water soluble, so you should never use them directly on your skin, as they can cause major irritation and may in some extreme cases even burn.

Using Essential Oils


Pregnant mothers should avoid using essential oils if possible, as some can bring on menstruation!

These oils are referred to as emmenagogue.


This will obviously differ depending on the application you are using your Essential oils for.

For massage oil I would recommend using up to 1% and when you are thinking about mixing products for the face, for every 100ml I would recommend using up to a maximum of 0.5% drops of essential oil.

For shower gels and rinse off products, I would recommend using around 1-2%

For body care products, start at around 1% and gradually build up from there, depending on the concern you are treating.

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