Recently i have been studying facial rejuvenation.

I posed the question, is it possible to completely revitalize our skin from topical ingredients?

Combined with a holistic approach and healthy lifestyle practices?

But there is one other important element that impacts the health of our skin…


Our skin is an intelligent, inter-cellular communication system, a constant beehive of activity.

The problem is unlike our body; our skin lacks one CRUCIAL component, its own independent blood supply!

Blood vessels don’t reach the surface of the skin, which is why; when we graze our skin it doesn’t draw any blood.

Instead our blood vessels are buried deep within the dermis our skins second layer; they don’t ever reach our surface layer of skin, the epidermis.

You can find out more about the anatomy of the skin, by following this link.

What does this lack of blood supply really mean, in terms of skin health?

Instead of vital oxygen and nutrients being received in our skin by blood transport, they are diffused up into the epidermis, from buried blood vessels.

Sadly this is not a very efficient process, meaning our epidermis goes without the all-important oxygen and nutrients and unfortunately things don’t get much better with age.

Clinical studies show a 30% decline in blood supply, meaning less nutrition is going to get to our skin.


So is skin rejuvenation possible from a skin cream?

Well the bottom line is yes and no, what goes on does go in, however less blood flow means less nutrition is available to our skin.

So in order for our skin tissues to be truly healthy, it needs a constant supply of blood.

That coupled with specific ingredients that can deliver nourishment through the epidermis to the dermis.

Each of our cells are protected by a phospholipid bilayer, this bilayer is the major component that makes up our cell membrane.

It acts as a tiny fortress, only allowing only certain molecules to pass through into the cell.

To get around this, we coat many of our ingredients with a liposome called phosphatidylcholine, this naturally enhances penetration into the cell wall, delivering all important nutrients into the dermis, where they are taken up by the blood vessels.

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