Does your skin lack luster and often feel dry and dehydrated?

Then a daily skin care routine is going to become your new best friend.

Helping to restore your skin back to a youthful, healthy glow.

Yesterday we offered beauty advice on the importance of cleansing a dry skin, which you can read all about here.

This article focuses on step 2 of your daily skin care routine, the importance of toning and moisturising.

Skin Care Routine


A well formulated toner for a dry skin, is going to be a key part of your routine, if you want to maintain a healthy skin.

You don’t want anything to harsh, that is going to be counter-effective, removing valuable lipids from the surface layers.

Here at the Naked Chemist our toners for dry skin are formulated with humectants, hydrating agents that help lock moisture in the skin tissues, helping to keep skin soft and moist for longer.

Probably one of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers, is that they miss the feeling of water on their skin.

We often recommend using one of our toners formulated with humectants, which help with hydration.


The best moisturiser for a dry skin, will help to trap water in the top layers, helping to keep the epidermis hydrated.

Using a night cream as part of your daily skin care routine is going to be key.

This will give your skin chance to repair the daily wear and tear, caused by environmental assaults and make up.

These are intensive formulas, designed to give your skin that extra care and attention it requires whilst you are sleeping.

Your skin renewal is more active at night, so a good formula will help to make the most of this down time.

You can afford to have a thicker consistency with a night cream, because you won’t need to apply make up, that way all those lovely active ingredients have longer to sink in.

Want to use something other than moisturiser in your beauty routine?

Then the article the best oil for a dry skin sufferer, you will find really interesting.


If you are looking for an intense hydration boost, a well formulated mask will deliver it.

They are specifically designed to dramatically boost moisture levels, whilst helping to banish dry, flaky patches.

They will also improve texture, helping to temporarily even out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Once the mask is removed, the slight residue left on the skin continues to go on nourishing the top layers.

This is why we recommend applying you’re hydrating mask at night, and look upon it as a lovely nourishing treatment for your skin.

Don’t forget to keep your skin glowing with the occasional exfoliating treatments.



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