Many of our customers ask about our philosophy.

They are keen to know how we came about….

So here’s a little introduction, about the brand in order for you to get to know us better.

Why The Naked Chemist?

Because we believe in educating our customers and transparency in beauty.

The Concept, simple really

Inspired by our love of nature, and all things skin! Let’s create we agreed, a serious skin care line.

That customers can relate to, one that is all about education and transparency.

What do we want to achieve from The Naked Chemist?

Healthier more beautiful skin, a complete nutritional support that creates stronger, healthier cells.

So why not isolate the enzymatic power of potent living super foods we said?

After all our cells respond better to fresh, raw, active foods.

Lets make purity our priority

By carefully selecting pure, active ingredients, made from ethically sourced, 100%  botanical oils, herbs, grains and flowers.

Finally, let’s never compromise on quality

Keep our products free from irritating chemicals, aggressive preservatives and heating stabilizers, that are required to extend the shelf life.

From this The Naked Chemist was born

Amongst the green hills and beneath the dramatic skies of New Zealand. A place where the grass is greener and the air well, just that much fresher.

So there we have it, a complete range of customised solutions for the skin, that are completely in tune with your body and nature, because lets face it, what goes on goes in.

Seriously, naked skin never felt so good

Follow this link to meet the founder of the Naked Chemist and find out more about our philosophy.



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