Runner woman with heart rate monitor running on beach with watch and sports bra top. Beautiful fit female fitness model training and working out outside in summer at part of healthy lifestyle.Anti ageing supplements and vitamins are big business.

The latest research, is showing growing evidence of the positive relationship, that exists between exercise and ageing.

Yes that’s right, the fitter you are the more energy your body has, if your body is unused to activity it will get tired at the slightest thing.

Today, research is showing us that prolonged rest is disastrous for the muscular and skeletal system.

Whilst I appreciate it may sound far fetched, to think that exercise can ever compete with anti ageing dietary supplements, scientific research has found that exercise not only prevents age retardation, but also can actually help to stave off age related diseases; such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Basically exercise is essential for vitality, our bodies are naturally designed to move, it is only in the twentieth century that our lives have become sedentary.

The Westernised diet has become high in fat, protein and unprocessed foods, making the lymph sluggish, thus permitting the build up of toxic waste products in tissue and around our joints.

This leads to ill health including oedema, water retention, stiff muscles and joints, obesity, diabetes, cellulite and uneven skin tone.

Age Retardation
Research has found, how much aerobic activity you do determines your levels of VO/2, or maximum oxygen consumption.

This is a critical measurement of our bodies heart and lung performance; This measurement tends to steadily decline after thirty and we begin to age rapidly, at a rate of about 1% a year.

As we age we experience a decline in our cardiovascular fitness, we lose muscle, wrinkles form, the skin’s elasticity becomes undermined, causing our skin to sag and our joints begin to stiffen.

These age related illnesses tend to occur at the rate VO/2 maximum starts to decline, interestingly new research has found that this decline  does not have to be inevitable.

When someone of 35, 55 or even 75 starts to work out, they can restore these levels to that of someone much younger.

Our energy levels increase and the health of our cardiovascular system becomes youthful.

Exercise also decreases high blood pressure, encourages fat loss and the removal of toxins, circulation improves and collagen levels increase which helps to tighten and tone the skin.

Our muscle mass and joints also regain flexibility, preventing loss of minerals from our bones, helping to give the skeleton strength and structure.

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