The skin around the eyes is very delicate

Good health is reflected in our eyes.

However the skin around our eyes, is thinner here then anywhere else on the face.

Which is why it can be a difficult area to treat.

There are also fewer oil glands on this part of the face, so the area is less able to hold moisture, adding to potential dryness around the eyes.

The fact that there is no subcutaneous layer or fatty cushioning, is another problem.

With no support and nothing to act as a shock absorber, this causes the delicate skin around our eyes, to age much quicker than anywhere else on the face.

So as you can see, our eyes get a pretty raw deal, no wonder our eyes are so susceptible to premature ageing!

Choosing an Eye Cream

Interestingly we find that many of our customers don’t include eye cream as part of their skin care routine.

Yet regular face creams and oils are too heavy for this delicate area, they can block tear ducts, and work their way up the face, making our eyes look puffy.

Excess creams can also cause milia, hard white bumps around the eyes, that have to be extracted professionally, in order to prevent scarring.

So why buy an eye cream?

An eye cream is specifically designed to be lightweight and gentle, to treat and support delicate tissue.

They generally contain more emollients than regular moisturisers, which help compensate for the lack of oil in the skin.

Gel based creams are also a great alternative for young and sensitive skin types, they help to reduce inflammation within the skin.

Eye balms are also a great option for dry or mature skin types.

Applying Eye Cream

Use a pea size treatment on the skin, you don’t want to overload the skin, remember it’s only thin!

Too much cream, may cause swelling or irritation.

Always apply your cream with your ring finger, using a gentle tapping movement to prevent stretching the skin.

Patting around the eye bone, also encourages excess fluid to drain away.

Anti Ageing Eye Cream

The fine skin around the eyes is the first to show the signs of ageing.

Crows feet around the eyes are caused by constant facial expressions, premature ageing can also make them look more apparent.

The best eye cream for fine lines and wrinkles, are those formulated with alpha hydroxy acids, naturally forming acids found in fruits, milk and sugar.

They help to gently exfoliate the area, visibly reducing fine lines around the eyes.

Eye Cream for Dark Circles

There are a number of reasons why someone may suffer from dark circles;

  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor detoxification
  • Liver problems
  • Diet high in sugar
  • Diet high in starch, all can cause a build up of toxins
  • To much carbon dioxide in the blood or de-oxygenated blood, may also appear as a dark blue tinge under the eyes

Fortunately there are some great ingredients that will you to start repair this problem.

The best eye cream for dark circles, is one that contains ingredients such as enzymes, eye bright, antioxidants and peptides,

All of which reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and puffiness.

If you do suffer from swollen eyes, a great tip is to store your cream in the refrigerator, the coldness will help to temporarily reduce puffiness.

For further reading on this subject, follow this link to find out how to treat dark circles under eyes.

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