Rich in lovely oils, it is the perfect ingredient for dry skin

Do you have dry, sensitive skin?

Then almond oil may become your new best friend.

Locking in moisture, keeping skin soft and supple.


It’s rich in Fatty Acids, giving the oil it’s lovely emollient properties.

Oleic Oil: Sweet Almond oil contains around 6o% Oleic acid, which has a similar chemical structure to our own natural sebum, so it is readily absorbed by the skin tissues.

Linoleic acid: This is another Fatty Acid that has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm and soothe a sensitive, irritated skin.


Properties and Uses

  • Skin softening
  • Extremely moisturising
  • The perfect inclusion for a sensitive skin
  • It is tasteless and edible, so it is a great addition for lip balm recipes
  • One of the benefits of Almond Oil is that it is a lovely mild and light weight oil
  • Anti inflammatory, so it’s the perfect ingredient for stressed out sensitive skin
  • It is a semi fatty oil, which spreads nicely on the skin
  • It only has a very slight odour, so it doesn’t interfere with essential oils and fragrances
  • Has a long shelf life of 12 months, so stays stable for a long period of time

Almond oil has a lovely silky, emollient texture, that glides on the skin effortlessly like silk, it never feels too greasy or heavy and because of its light texture, it combines well with nourishing Shea and Macadamia nut oil.

All of which, are perfect ingredients for a troubled, dry skin type.

Typical Fatty Acid Profile

C16:0    st   Palmitic acid  6-8%
C18:0    st   Stearic acid      0.5-2%
C18:1    mo Oleic Acid      64-82%
C18:2    pu  Linoleic acid   8-28%

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