Welcome To The Nakedchemist

We are busy fusing nature with science

Welcome To The Nakedchemist

We are busy fusing nature with science

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Linoleic Acid, the essential beauty nutrient

The Naked Chemist solution for happy healthy skin that glows is simple. A balanced diet and physiological skin care = healthy cells = healthy skin. Acne Dry skin Dry hair Poor nails Atopic dermatitis Flaky scaling skin Poor wound healing Depression! Sound familiar?... read more

How to get rid of blackheads for good

Nuking blackheads, it’s so satisfying. There’s something about them, that just shouts squeeze me. And lets face it, no one wants tiny black dots across their T zone. So join me, as I guide you through my blackhead banishing tips. ANATOMY OF THE BLACKHEAD... read more

Barrier Function, your skins security guard

Ever spilt lemon juice on a cut? Then you’ll agree with me, when I say it hurts like hell. When acidic juice hits that nerve ending, you sure do know about it. Well this should give you some idea of how your barrier functions. When your skin is chapped and flaky... read more